Casualties of the War between Insurance Companies and Hospitals : Our Baby’s Unnecessary Surgery

Recently, Lincoln has become the victim of greedy politic disputes regarding our insurance companies and hospitals. Neglecting to come to a agreement, September 1st St Elizabeth Hospital and Blue Cross Blue Shield are no longer in network with each other. creating a overwhelming affect on who may get care, but chooses not to, but those who must seek care elsewhere, and only other hospital in Lincoln, Bryan Health. The already busy and overworked staff, is now flooded with patients and over occupancy at all times. which in turn effects the quality of patient care.

Our family has always gone to Bryan, so the disagreements didn’t bother us. Untill Saturday September 20th. Our son had a very swollen left testicle. My dad had been working security at Bryan over the weekends, and brought to our our attention that Bryan had a two to three hour emergency room wait!! We were thinking of going to St. Elizabeth’s but due to our insurance, we chose to go to Bryan.

Our son, Sebastian, is only three months old. We took him to Bryan urgent care, and they immediately sent us to the E.R because his oxygen was only between 80-83, which is very low.

My dad had a in with the hospital from helping with security so we were taken right into a room. Sebastian cough and oxygen checked out fine with the nurses and next we were to see a doctor.  A doctor came in felt his scrotum for maybe a minute, and diagnoses “a hernia”. I was shocked. I had been feeling and checking his scrotum for such a thing since he was born due to a family history of hernias! Convinced the doctor began to physical explain the process of hernia’s occurring. (It was a strange sight) He proceeded to try to push the hernia back up or in or whatever he was attempting.

We asked him what was next. He said to find a surgeon if we knew one. which we didn’t, so he said he would have the on-call surgeon come talk to us. The surgeon came in, and also attempted to push the hernia back in, and feel his scrotum. We told him there was no pain associated with the bulge. We told him that it seemed to have gotten bigger just in the last 24 hours.  Not once did he mention a hydrocele, which is similar to a hernia, but it would not require a major hernia surgery, and most likely no surgery at all.

They took him into surgery, and almost an hour later we got a call saying ” they were trying hard to get the iv in.”   A HOUR TO GET THE IV IN? Finally they performed a cut down on his foot. Which they must have done wrong because it fell out a hall hour after surgery.  Forty -five minutes after this call, they came and got us to take us to Sebastian. The surgeon explained they had only found a hydrocele. He said he had performed a hernia repair, and drained the hydrocele. But he never had an actual hernia.



WHAT? The we proceeded to walk into the recovery room,and met eyes with a strange teenage boy in street clothes. My whole body wanted to scream ” WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!” but I heard Sebastian crying so I went to him and took him from the nurse. Sebastian was screaming in pain and anxiety. The told us to get him medicine because his would ware off in a half hour.

When we got to the pediatric floor, it was very apparent we were very upset.  Every single nurse there seemed rude, neglectful, and unfriendly. We asked for his medicine, and got it an hour later…

I asked who that the strange kid was, and the only reply we have gotten was it was a nurses son dropping off keys. I asked the surgeon if he new him the next day, which he said no, and preceded to ask ” why were upset by it?” WHAT?? Why are we upset about a strange teenage kid in the recovery room right after our sons surgery!??? Because he IS OUR THREE MONTH OLD SON WHO JUST HAD SURGERY. Do we need another reason? its the most inappropriate thing that has ever happen to us in a medical field, and I’m sure some sort of privacy violation, but to ask why we were upset is just outragous. The worry of the last two hour over a surgery our son didn’t even need and then to ask why we are upset over a stranger in a sterile key-entry environment that we couldn’t go into until let in, and this kid is in there, before us?? I am still fuming from this.

Every time a nurse would wander in our room and just stare at us or say nothing. Which I know from experience it is part of training and common courtesy to state who you are when entering a hospital room.

In almost every web article, website, or medical official we talk to asks if our doctor performed a ultra-sound. well, NO he didn’t. they just jumped right into surgery. The incision is at least two inches long. Also the inch cut down into his ankle for the IV. The MD pediatrician from our office came into the hospital to see Sebastian as well, and said in all his twenty-five years only one hydrocele surgery,

The problem is Bryan is overwork. All of these employees are rushing through patients, and misdiagnosing and treating patients with such disrespect. Bryan is now offering nurses $500 gift cards to work a extra shift.

We feel robbed, mistreated, and after filing many complaints, and talking with several different people at the hospital, we have gotten no apologies, and no resolution.

In conclusion, please help yourself and your family to slow down the pace of these rushed overworked medical venues.

Our advice to other parents is: Ask questions, you may think you have asked enough… ASK MORE!!

Question everything!! Is there anything else these symptoms could mean?

Are there other options for treatment?

Slow down. Slow down these doctors who fly through the office, and you can barely tell if they are really hearing your questions, ask again if you don’t understand. If your still wondering what is really going on, because the doctors just look at you crazy when you question them.