Why the Change?


Inspiration comes in many forms and change truly occurs only when the desire for change is greater than the alternative. So…What inspired you? Why have you decided to change?  My story begins with a simple diaper rash… as every good story goes. As a new mom I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Children are the greatest gifts and the hardest lessons we as parents receive. My daughter was around six months old and this time this rash just wasn’t going away… it was only getting worse. So I turned to everyone’s best friend and confidant, the internet. The quickest way to confide in other moms going through the same thing you are. Sure, calling your mom seems like the way to go, but in the end they are learning how to be a mom to a new mom and that my friends is another long story for another day.

So, Back to the rash. Diaper Rash, can be the most gruesome trial a new mother can go through in the first few month. It is an ugly mean monster attacking your beautiful amazing baby. Luna Belle and I were both in tears as I frantically search for a quick remedy to would cure her tiny, horribly red and in small spots BLEEDING little bum. I was at the point of no return. I left her diaperless all day hoping that would help. I tried 10 different diaper creams and I gave her an oatmeal bath five times that day, as we both cried for her little red hiney.

FINALLY, I stumble upon cloth diapers. Picturing women in aprons, safety pinning cloth onto their children, I found a wonderful world of cloth diapering. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! My husband was a loss of what to do as well, and quickly gave into the idea of cloth diapers. I read a few lines of some mothers never having to fight away rash because of these magical cloth diapers. Eighteen months later, NO DIAPER RASH.

It doesn’t have to be cloth diapering  or other extreme changes, but just simply a move to change your lives for the better. To find ways to relieve stress on your busy lives as moms, and what works for you is BEST! Coming to terms with what works for you and what society says is right, are two very different things.

End Note: Whatever your change is, Don’t Give Up. Change is never easy, but it is always worth it.


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